KGS SCAN - The high performance and intuitive ScanClient

Scan directly in SAP or in stand-alone operation

The digital transformation is changing the way input management and document scanning are handled within organizations and departments. Bulk scanning performed in the central mailroom is declining in favor of simple desktop scan solutions. This calls for seamless modern SAP integration as offered by the KGS Scan Solution. KGS ScanClient, a high-performance and intuitive scan client, was developed to enable direct scanning into SAP allowing users to link an image(s) to any number of SAP business objects. KGS ScanServer provides functions for the quick and intuitive centralized management of ScanClient profiles and licenses across the entire organization. Given this comprehensive tool set, KGS enables you to organize SAP-based and general corporate scanning both consistently and from a central location.



KGS Scan is a high-performance and intuitive scan client with direct control and storage/archiving of scanned documents from within SAP GUI. With the use of KGS Scan, centralized or decentralized Inbox scenarios can be realized. For instance, sensitive documents may be collected directly at the SAP workplace by document scanners and can automatically be allocated to the corresponding SAP business object. Even a mass scan with automatic bar code recognition or registration of documents for automatic forwarding to an SAP workflow is possible. KGS Scan supports the document formats TIFF, PDF & PDF/A and the transfer of the scanned images is carried out by KGS Scan directly into the appropriate archive over the SAP ArchiveLink ™ interface (HTTP).

      Technical Feautures

  • Various rotation, zoom and image  processing functions (e.g. adapting to window, zoom with frame)
  • Browsing through multi-page documents
  • Moving individual pages in document
  • Deleting single/all pages
  • Rotation of individual pages
  • Inserting images from central directory
  • Document seperation through barcode/  seperating sheets
  • Support for duplex pages



  • Scan directly from SAP GUI
  • Support for all SAP storage scenarios (OAWD, GOS, barcode, mass storage)
  • Intuitive, Windows-compliant operation
  • Profile-driven definition of scanner settings
  • Minimum customizing effort
  • Batch processing for non-SAP storage
  • Direct storage in the archive system with SAP compliant security

KGS Scan can be used in smaller companies or individual departments as well as company-wide in international companies.

  Test SOFTWAre

Test KGS ScanClient 30 days for free! You can use all feautres in the demo version.


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“With the KGS Scan solution, we can centrally manage our ScanClients used worldwide in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. In addition, we always have an overview of the country and place where a scan license is being used."

“The KGS ScanClients can be centrally administrated at any time via the KGS ScanServer. As a result, no one needs to go anywhere to re-configure or configure ScanClients. This is an immense cost advantage for international companies in particular."

  “A key requirement for the migration was that the new ScanClients work is at least as fast as the existing ones. KGS not only meet this requirement, but even surpass it. The new scanning solution is now much more powerful than the previous one! "

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